11 reasons why your mobile air conditioner fills up with water too quickly (2023)

11 reasons why your mobile air conditioner fills up with water too quickly (1)

Mobile air conditioners produce water during the cooling process. This is due to the fact that AC portable devices are powered by the samecooling circuitlike all compressor based air conditioners, i.e.vapor compression cycle.

The amount of water produced depends on several factors, most notably humidity. However, a portable air conditioner that fills up with water too quickly is a real problem. It is very inconvenient to empty the condensate pan every few hours. Especially at night when you need a consistently good night's sleep after a long day at work.

The main reason why your portable air conditioner fills up with water too quickly is the humidity in your area. But a dirty filter or a clogged condensate line can also lead to excessive water deposits. Due to the clog, flow across the evaporator coil is blocked resulting in ice that continuously melts and fills the tank with water.

Many have portable air conditionersAuto Vaporization Technology. This means that the water produced is automatically drained through the vent hose. However, all portable ACs do not have this technology.

Even if your portable air conditioner can expel water automatically, most air conditioners are partially evaporative. Which means they still have a tray of water.The purpose of the water bowl is to retain water in case it is not being expelled at the same rate as it is being created..

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Why is your mobile air conditioner filling up with water quickly?

1. High humidity in your area

Your portable air conditioner produces more or less water due to the condensation of moisture in the air.

The amount of water produced is directly proportional to the humidity in the air.

If you live in a high humidity area, more water will collect in the condensate pan of your portable air conditioner.

for example inLouisiana or TexasAverageRHit's about 75 percent. That's really high and they're among the best wet cities in America.

11 reasons why your mobile air conditioner fills up with water too quickly (2)

So if you live in one of theseThe regionUSA or any other comparable region of the world, you have to empty the water bowl many times.

In cities withLow humidity, I likeNevada or Arizona, which have a very low average relative humidity (below 40 percent), the frequency of manual drainage is very low.

Most portable air conditioners partially evaporate, and in these cities you may never have to worry about condensation. The reason is the automatic escape of a large part of the moisture that occurs.

If you are considering buying a portable air conditioner, consider which type is best for you.

in oneRegion of low humidityyou can use a portable air conditioner without self-evaporation technology because you will not have problems with recurring drainage.

However insidevery humid regions, it is better to use a partial or full evaporative portable air conditioner to avoid continuous disruption and inconvenience.

2. Dirty air filter

The air that cools your portable air conditioner is introduced into the living space after passing through an air filter. The filter blocks dust and dirt from the air.

The filter of your portable air conditioner should be cleaned after certain hours of cooling operation. How long this period is depends on the quality of the air that flows through it.

One reason your portable air conditioner keeps filling up is adirty filter.

A filter clogged with dirt is blocking the air coming out of your portable air conditioner. The airflow is reduced and less air flows through the evaporator coils.


This causes the evaporator coils to freeze the moisture in the air and it continues to drip into the condensate pan.

Even if you have a partial evaporation portable air conditioner, the water won't drain out at the same rate as it drips, and you'll need to constantly drain your portable air conditioner.

Most air conditioners have themreset filterIndicator. Lights up when the filter is dirty or a certain number of hours of operation have passed.

The length of time after which the filter reset light illuminates is determined by the company. The portable air conditioner will not turn on until you remove the filter, clean it, and then reinsert it.

Therefore, check the air filter of your portable air conditioner. Pull out the filter and clean it. Air conditioning filters are almost always reusable, so you don't have to change them. Use lukewarm water to gently wash the air filter. Let it dry well before putting it back in.

3. Only one rainy season

In general, the relative humidity varies in different cities and regions of the country. However, it also depends on the season in which you operate your mobile air conditioner.

On some days of the year the humidity gets comparatively higher compared to others. Therefore, a relatively larger amount of water produced on some days may only be seasonal.

The seasons in which thehumidityThe maximum and minimum amount varies depending on the state and city you are in.

For example, in New York, September is the wettest month and April is the least wet.

This means that your portable air conditioner will produce more water in September than in April. While in Nome July is the wettest month.

If your portable air conditioner suddenly accumulates a large amount of water, it is probably not due to the change of seasons.

The reason is that the influence of weather on humidity is not impulsive. And the variation in increase and decrease is not massive.

So if you find that your portable air conditioner is producing a large amount of water on any given day, it is probably due to another problem.

4. You just bought the mobile air conditioner

If you have bought a new mobile air conditioner and it produces a lot of water, it is very rare for a technical defect to occur.

The reason is that the air conditioner manufacturers are very interested in their reputation when selling the unit. They cannot afford to tarnish their reputation as there is a lot of competition.

11 reasons why your mobile air conditioner fills up with water too quickly (3)

Unless the air conditioner damage or problem occurs during delivery, and you can return the portable air conditioner to get a new one.

The reason can of course be mainly highRHin the area where you live, but it could be because you bought a new device.

If you ventilate your living space after a while, the air conditioner will remove moisture from the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture and other things, including the air. This could cause a large amount of water to accumulate in the water pan.

So if your water tub keeps getting full, try your new portable air conditioner and give it some time before returning it.

If it continues to fill up, the air conditioner is defective or not suitable for your area of ​​residence ie high average relative humidity. The latter means you might want to consider a different type of portable air conditioner, such as a portable air conditioner. B. partial evaporation or complete evaporation.

5. Defective condensate pump

An easy way to get rid of condensate completely is to set one upCondensate pump.

Normally, the water that collects in the water pan is directed to the desired location using a condensate pump. It's very easy to set up.

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If you are using a condensate pump and water is leaking or the water tank keeps filling up, there is most likely a problem with the condensate pump settings.

The condensate pump is defective or the drain hose in or out of the pump is clogged or kinked. This stops the water from moving.

It's a good idea to check the piping before and after the condensate pump.

If you haven't used a condensate pump before, give it a try, especially if you're worried about draining your portable air conditioner.

It's very easy to set up. All you have to do is connect the drain hose to your air conditioner and connect it to the condensate pump.

The condensate pump is connected to a power source. Water collects in your condensate pump until a certain level is reached. When this level is reached, the pump starts by itself and the water is directed to the desired location.

You can direct the drain hose to another location and drain the water without using a condensate pump. However, remember that you need gravity to do this. So if the water needs to move against gravity (upward), this method won't work. With the condensate pump, this problem is solved and the water can be pumped to another location against gravity.

The most convenient way to do this is to use a condensate pump. If you want to go with him, I picked one for you.Click here to view the specifications.

6. Water does not drain properly

It's mehrBasicTo drain the water from your portable air conditioner, you need to drain it manually. To do this, you need to remove the drain plug and drain the device into an empty container.

How often you need to do this depends on your humidity level and how long you run your air conditioner. It can vary from 6-8 hours to several weeks.

If you manually drain with this simple method, you'll know if there's a problem. For example, your air conditioner shows that your water tank is full, but no water comes out after you remove the drain plug.

One of the reasons can be that the water cannot drain from the water tank due to a clogged drain. There's nothing to clog it from the inside, so something probably came out from the outside when it wasn't covered.

If you use a drain hose to automatically remove the water from your portable air conditioner using gravity or a condensate pump, your water tank should never be filled.

The most common cause could be a water blockage in the drain hose.

Check the drain hose for kinks, especially 90 degree bends. Also check the piping after the condensate pump if you use one.

7. Portable air conditioner broken fan

A constant flow of air through your portable AC fan is important for its proper operation.

A defective fan, not running at the required speed or not running at all, will cause the evaporator coils to freeze.

Let me explain why...

In reality, the reduced airflow due to the fan malfunction does not allow enough air to flow through the unit to remove enough cooling from the evaporator coils.

As a result, ice will form on the coils and the portable AC compressor may stop working for a while until it melts. When this ice melts, the condensate pan quickly fills with water.

During this time, the ice melts relatively slowly with the fan running slowly. After the compressor melts down and restarts, a failed fan will cause the evaporator coils to freeze again.

(Video) LG Portable AC - How to Setup A Continuous Drain

This process repeats itself and prevents your air conditioner from completing its cycle.

11 reasons why your mobile air conditioner fills up with water too quickly (4)

A slow speed fan would be ineffective, especially for portable partial evaporation air conditioners. Most devices on the market are of this type.

This is because partial evaporation portable air conditioners expel most of the condensed water as vapor through the exhaust vent. Under normal conditions, it is rarely necessary to empty them.

However, due to the melting of the ice, the rate at which the water is collected in the bowl is greater than the rate at which the water is expelled.

Therefore, despite using a portable air conditioner with self-evaporative technology, you still need to empty it several times a day.

What Causes Improper Fan Operation?

  1. just lookportable AC fan blades. If they are damaged, the airflow rate will be low even at the correct RPM. If this is the case, you will need to replace the fan with the exact model.
  2. motorluftermay be to blame for incorrect fan speed. Low speeds cause less air to flow through the device. The engine needs to be checkedLack, continuation and other errors.. You can fix it if the error is tiny. If not, I advise you to get a new one, it will save you a lot of time and trouble.
  3. There is also the possibilityother electronic componentscausing improper operation of the fanSwitches, relays, control board, etc.After diagnosis, they must be replaced with exactly the same model and type.

Use:If you are inexperienced in diagnosing electronic components such as motors, shifters, circuit components, etc. I recommend having a certified technician check it out.

If that's the case, all you have to do is look for noticeable and noticeable errors. Your life is more important than anything else.

8. Clogged evaporator coils

Your portable air conditioner has heating and cooling coils.

Heating coils are also calledcondenser coils.

Cooling coils are also calledevaporator coils.

The air is cooled as it passes through the unit's evaporator coils. These snakes also condense water from the air assecondaryOperation.

Both portable AC coils (condenser and evaporator) need to be cleaned and cleaned to allow air to circulate through them. However, if your portable air conditioner fills up too quickly, the evaporator coils are the source if one of these coils is present.

Let me elaborate on that...

Clogged portable AC coils let less air through. Consequently, the air flow rate is reduced from what is required.

As I said earlier, the required airflow must be maintained through the evaporator coils. If the airflow is less than required, the ice will melt continuously and fill the water tray repeatedly.

solutionIt's simple, you need to keep your coils clean just like you need to keep your filters clean.

In general, portable AC coils require you to clean them much less often than filters. But regardless of the time interval, they get dirty.

Carefully remove deposits and dirt with a suitable brush and gentle up and down movements. You can then use a solution like warm water and detergent or dish soap to clean your portable AC coils.

9. Reduced condensate pan capacity

One of the reasons your portable AC water pan or condensate pan fills up very quickly can be because of its low capacity.

Obviously, a small condensate pan will fill up quicker than a larger one, and you'll need to empty it more often.

However, there is a possibility that the smaller capacity condensate pan in your portable air conditioner will be accompanied by other problems. Together they can cause you to repeatedly drain your drive to the point of discomfort.

For example, let's say your portable AC coils freeze up for some reason, be it a dirty filter, clogged coils, bad fan, etc.

(Video) 3 Overheating Reasons on Your Car You Won't Believe!

The ice will quickly melt and fill the condensate pan. You need to empty it frequently.

In addition, a small capacity condensate pan will compound the problem of the already high rate of water entering it due to ice build-up. It fills up even faster and you have to empty it more often.

Therefore, before concluding that your portable air conditioner's lower water storage capacity is to blame, I advise you to first check other issues discussed in this article.

you can always usedrain hoseto automatically remove water without flowing through the condensate pan.

If you need to drain water against gravity, ie. H. at a height from your device, aCondensate pumpwould solve this problem for you permanently. You'll never have to empty your appliance's condensate tray again.

You canclick hereto see the specs of my favorite condensate pump.

10. Extreme humidity in the room due to the mobile air conditioner

Very high relative humidity in the room where the portable air conditioner is operating can cause it to fill up frequently.

11 reasons why your mobile air conditioner fills up with water too quickly (5)

In this case there istwo scenariosAfter that, a lot of water accumulates in your portable air conditioner:

  1. Fromchanged your portable acfrom one room to another and now it's crowded too often.
  2. are youOperate your device in the same placebut now you have to drain the water more often.

insideFirst stage, it is very obvious that the relative humidity at the new location of your portable air conditioner has increased significantly.

This increase can be due to it working in humid places in your home like laundry room, kitchen, basement, attic, etc., or due to defects like poor insulation, cracked foundation, or leaking water pipes.

insidesecond scenario, the cause is most likely in the device, e.g. B. a clogged filter, defective components, clogged coils, etc.

If there is no internal error, the relative humidity around the mobile air conditioner increases sharply, which may result inabove defectsor seasonality, or both.

Here is a simplified version of the steps to diagnose and fix: (Scenario 2)

  1. testReasons for a very high accumulation of water in your devicethat are mentioned in the article.
  2. After you go through it,Check the room where you operate a portable air conditioner, for any fault such as pipe leaks, insufficient ventilation, water leaks through the structure.
  3. If the first two are not the source, use a gravity drain method with a vent hose or condensate pump in case you need to draw water against gravity to completely eliminate the manual drain.

11. Defective water level indicator

There are several other components that are directly or indirectly involved in the condensation process of your portable air conditioner.

wet switchÖfloat switchÖwater level indicatorare all names of a device. It is responsible for detecting the actual water level in the AC portable water tank.

If you have a broken, misplaced or displaced oneWet or float switch, it gives an incorrect signalportable air conditioner in relation to the water level. During,The portable air conditioner turns off much fasterand you must empty it before it is completely filled to its maximum capacity.

Diagnosing a faulty water level gauge is easy.

Check the water level in the unit of time that indicates it should be emptied. Do this a few times. If the maximum condensate storage capacity is not used, the most likely cause is the wet switch.

How often should you drain your portable air conditioner?

How many times your portable air conditioner drains in a day depends on several factors. This depends on the humidity level, the number of operating hours and the type of portable air conditioner you have.

If you have an air conditioner with automatic evaporative technology, most of the moisture will be automatically removed through the vent during hot air extraction.

Most portable air conditioners on the market feature self-evaporation technology. However, there are two other classifications of portable AC equipment:Partially evaporating portable air conditionerjPortable total evaporation air conditioner.

Most portable air conditioners are partially evaporative. So if you just bought a portable air conditioner and don't know what it is, chances are it's partially evaporating.

Partially evaporating portable air conditioner

Most commercially available portable air conditioners are partially evaporative. They feature self-evaporation technology. However, they do not consume all of the moisture that is collected during the cooling process. They will need to be emptied regularly depending on the humidity level unless there is one of the other problems mentioned above.

Portable total evaporation air conditioner

Portable total evaporation air conditionerit removes moisture from the air completely autonomously. If you want to get rid of the hassle completely, go for this one.

(Video) Portable Air Conditioners - Why you shouldn't like them


In summary, there are several factors why your portable air conditioner generates a lot of water. Relative humidity is the main reason for water accumulation. However, there are several controllable factors such as dirty filters, defective condensate pump, clogged coils, etc. Check them if moisture is not the problem.

Also choose the mobile air conditioner carefully according to the climate of the region where you live. If the humidity is very high and your portable air conditioner doesn't drain well, consider modifications like draining through a gravity hose or condensate pump.


Why does my portable AC fill up with water so fast? ›

The unit is designed to collect the moisture from the air in the room. If the room has a high humidity level, the unit will work harder to cool the air thus collecting more water.

Why does my portable AC leak so much water? ›

Along with a dirty air filter, the drain hose of your air conditioner can be clogged with accumulated dirt, debris, or even mold, causing condensate to back up into your unit, which then causes water leakage.

How often should you drain water from portable air conditioner? ›

Depending on the humidity in your space, you will need to drain your portable air conditioner as often as every 8 hours. However, you usually won't need to drain your portable air conditioner this often. If you live in a dry area, then you will rarely need to drain your portable air conditioner.

How much water should drain from a portable air conditioner? ›

When the summer season is in full swing and humidity is high, it's normal for your air conditioner to drain anywhere between 5 and 20 gallons of water each day.

How do I stop my air conditioner from leaking water? ›

Instructions to Stop the AC Leak

Look for the drain tube from the condensate collection pan outlet. It's usually a PVC pipe located below the coolant line connections. Disconnect the drain tube from the collection pan outlet and use the wet/dry vac to suck up any remaining water coming out of the drain.

How do I stop water droplets in my air conditioner? ›

There's actually an easy (and affordable) solution to this problem: Buy and install a drip pad or cushion that will absorb the water drops from your upstairs AC unit—and stop the noise from driving you crazy.


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