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What is a Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS)?

The Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS) is a cloud-based system that manages the portfolios of the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) and the network portfolios of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The CPMS is used by the CRN to support study management from preparation to completion. It is used by non-commercial study groups and the life sciences industry to request CRN services and is the gateway through which the interactive Costing Tool and online SoECAT can be accessed. Recruitment activities uploaded to CPMS and other research data stored in CPMS are used to support academic performance management to ensure that portfolio studies meet recruitment and time goals.

Types of Exams for CPMS

Studies included in the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) portfolio and managed in the CPMS must meet eligibility criteria established by the Department of Health and Social Care. More details on this and the requirements for accessing support and inclusion in the Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales portfolios can be found atwebsite of the NIHR. Studies managed in CPMS include both non-commercial studies and commercial contract research.

Who uses CPMS and for what activities?

Business Representatives (Commercial Studies)

  • Company representatives can access free feasibility services through the online submission platform inCPMS.
  • Company representatives can also view the research files of the studies they have submitted to us.

National Portfolio Manager (NPM)

  • These users are located in the Network Clinical Research Coordinating Center and are equivalent within the decentralized administrations.
  • This role enables the overall management of study files, with full editing and approval rights for all study file data.
  • NPMs with additional funder view/administration rights can view/edit limited data in CPMS regarding the eligibility of individual funding streams.

Local Portfolio Manager (LPM)

  • These users are based on Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs).
  • Access to the Local Portfolio Manager grants certain privileges to edit study files to support the provision of study information and general troubleshooting. Some changes may require NPM approval.
  • For commercial studies, local portfolio managers can provide specific responses to commercial feasibility requests in CPMS.


  • This is a new role added in CPMS Version 5. AcoRD specialists can be located in an LCRN or R&D office.
  • AcoRD specialists can view all SoECATs in the UK and grant authorization on request

Reviewer of study resources

  • The Study Resource Reviewer is based on an LCRN or decentralized administrator
  • Reviewers can only work on studies assigned by an LPM
  • Reviewers review all submissions for the review of commercial study resources and mark these submissions as "complete" in CPMS

Non-commercial study groups

  • These users are based on study groups. There are four specific survey roles that provide access to specific survey files associated with a user. Access to service submissions is role specific:
    • Principal Investigator: Can view/edit all submissions for studies named CI (depending on submission status) and edit the study file*
    • Study Representative: can view/edit SoECATs for studies they are associated with (depending on submission status) and edit the study file*
    • Study Coordinator: can view/edit CRN portfolio applications for studies they are associated with (subject to submission status) and edit the study file*
    • Research Activities Coordinator: Can upload research activities data and edit the study file*
      *Some changes may require approval from a National Portfolio Manager.
  • They can also sign up for non-commercial study groupsISRCTN registration through CPMS.

User Guidance

This is how you log in to CPMS

NIHR email address holders and existing account holders

CPMS users who have an NIHR email address and any user previously registered with the HRA's new IRAS system can log in through the identity portal Just enter your email address and password and click Next.

All NPMs and LPMs must already have CPMS accounts with the relevant set of permissions. If not, they should contact their local IT support team or the study support service helpdesk

Note: For SSS Helpdesk to authorize roles, requests for NPM rights must come from that person's line manager. and requests for LPM licenses must come from their COO or designated alternate.

Start and login to CPMS (1)

Holders of Non-NIHR Email Addresses

CPMS users who do not have an NIHR email address or existing account can create one through the identity portal following the steps below.

NOTE: If you have previously registered for an account in HRA's new IRAS system, you do not need to re-register to access CPMS (or vice versa). Attempting to overwrite will throw an error.

  1. Select "create account" on the login page.
    Start and login to CPMS (2)
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. You will then be redirected to the Create Account page. Fill in the details in the form and agree to the 'Terms and Conditions' before clicking the Next button.
  4. Select whether you want to register/link ORCID with your CPMS account. If desired, you can skip the ORCID verification; this can be added later.Start and login to CPMS (3)
  5. You will then be redirected to a page asking you to validate your new CPMS account via a confirmation link that will be emailed to you.
  6. When your new account has been created and you have confirmed the link in your email, you can log in to the Identity Gateway

Log in with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

When you log in to CPMS for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a one-time password. The password will be sent automatically by to the email address associated with your CPMS account. Copy the six-digit password into the box on the login screen and click the Authenticate button. The password is valid for 15 minutes.

After logging into the system with your password, you do not have to do this again for another 30 days for CPMS or any other system connected to the NIHR Identity Portal, provided your account is accessed through the same browser and the same device. After 30 days or if you delete the cookies in your browser, you will be sent a new password that is again valid for 30 days.

The home page and navigation menu

Once logged in, all users are directed to the CPMS home page. The options available in the side menu depend on the user's role and permissions. The available options can be viewed by clicking the three lines in the top left corner to expand the menu.Start and login to CPMS (4)

Application for services

Business representatives and non-commercial study groups

The system will guide you through a series of screens to create a re-examination request.

  1. To get started, click the green "Request service for new research" button on the home page. New services can be added to an existing survey through the submission management panel:
    1. My commercial submissions for company representatives
    2. "My Service Requests" for non-commercial study groups
  2. On the Guidance screen, read the information provided and if you are willing to follow CPMST's terms and conditions, select Continue.Start and login to CPMS (5)

  3. On the 'Study type' screen, select 'Commercial' or 'Non-commercial' and click 'Continue'. If you are unsure whether your research is non-commercial or commercial, please contact us help before proceeding.Start and login to CPMS (6)

Commercial Agents

  • Selecting "Commercial" will take you to the well-known CPMS commercial ad submission area. From here you can request the services you need. You can find additional instructions about the serviceNIHR empty.Start and login to CPMS (7)
  • On the 'Available Services' screen, select the service you need from the available options and then click 'Continue'. You must ensure that your studies meet the requirements to use the selected service.
    • Event Scheme Cost Performance Standard (SoECAT) - UK-wide
    • Non-Commercial Portfolio Application (England only, seewebsite of the NIHR)Start and login to CPMS (8)
  • You are now ready to enter the information required to create your new study file. All fields are required. Note the following:
    • Enter the short and long title of your study. The information you enter completes your study file and once you have submitted it, you cannot change it. So make sure it is correct.
    • An IRAS ID is required for all investigations. If you don't already have one, you can find instructions on how to get one atIRAS system.
    • You cannot submit an application with an IRAS ID that is already associated with an exam in CPMS. If this situation arises, please contact us for assistance and login to CPMS (9)
  • After you have filled in all the fields, click on "Continue" to create your study file and access the form you requested.

Refer to the specific instructions for the serviceNIHR emptyfor more information about the service you require.

If you cancel your request before this point, your data will not be saved.


Dashboard My Service Apps (non-commercial study groups)

  • To view our apps through the built-in My Services Apps dashboard, select this option from the menu on the home page. You will now enter the control panel where all non-commercial applications related to the user are listed.
  • Studies are listed in basic details under the naval study header box. You can view details about the relevant service submissions by clicking the down arrow to show/hide apps.

  • The My Service Apps dashboard provides information about each app and how it progresses through the review process for each service. The current status of an exam is displayed on the dashboard next to a colored dot. For more details, see the specific instructions for the NIHR Learn service.
  • The My Apps My Services dashboard also allows users to take specific actions for specific services related to a submission and request additional services for their research by selecting the appropriate green service request option.

NOTE: Only one CRN portfolio request is allowed per study and this service is only available for English-language studies.

  • You can search the list of apps using the search box at the top of the page and filter by clicking "show filters" and then select the options you want. The list can also be sorted using the "Order by" drop-down menu in the top right corner of the table. By default, the table is sorted with the most recent apps at the top.

NOTE: Some sorting options are only available after filtering the dashboard to show a specific type of service.

  • Study contacts can also be managed via the My Service Apps dashboard. See the next section.Start and login to CPMS (10)

Commercial services dashboard

The My Trade Submissions dashboard allows company representatives to view their surveys and related submissions. You can find additional instructions about the serviceNIHR empty.


In CPMS version 5, NPM and lPM users maintain their individual service-specific dashboards, accessible through the CPMS menu:

  • IRAS Entries (NPM only)
  • CRN-portfoliodashboard
  • Trade submissions dashboard

Manage study group contacts

Study contacts can be added and removed via the "manage contacts" button in the study header of the "My Services Applications" control panel. This allows them to collaborate on your submission and study file. When a contact is added, they will receive an email notification. Users must have the correct academic role to access submissions.

NOTE: If an NPM adds a Study Representative or Study Coordinator within the CC CRN, he or she must also assign themselves the appropriate role via "Manage Contacts" in the "My Services Applications" dashboard.Start and login to CPMS (11)

Management of study files

Click on the CPMS home page to expand the menu and select 'studies'. Here you will see all surveys related to your username (representatives of companies or non-commercial study groups) or your staff role in CRN (NPM/LPM).

Currently, public CPMS users can open and edit any survey file they are associated with once it is created. However, they should be discouraged from doing this until the record goes live, through the normal business process. If you edit the study file before this point, the registration will be locked.

In addition, applications for ISRCTN should not be submitted until the registration has been verified and made live, otherwise the eligibility of the study for free registration will not be recognized by the system.

When you no longer need a CPMS account

If you resign from your position or no longer require a CPMS account for any other reason, please make sure to request that your CPMS account be deactivated by sending an email


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